How to Keep Yourself Engaged While Self Isolating During COVID-19

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Posted Jan 12th, 2021 in Health & Wellbeing, Homecare

How to Keep Yourself Engaged While Self Isolating During COVID-19

The new norms of self isolating and social distancing have impacted the lives of many, particularly the older adults residing in retirement homes, long term care or living by themselves. This current situation has affected their well-being resulting in depression, anxiety and loneliness for many.

It’s important that we think about how we can support the welfare of those who are most vulnerable.

Here are a few tips that can keep you engaged while self isolating during COVID 19

Make use of Technology

This is a great time to learn or explore something new over the internet by using the unlimited resources freely available. Take a crash course on how to productively use and engage yourself on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also get virtually connected with someone you love across the globe through video calling or texting.

Create a Family Traditional Recipe Book

Try to document all the traditional family cooking recipes your kids or grandchildren could use. You can bond with your grandchildren even if they are far away from you by organizing a virtual cooking class. Teach them your traditional style of cooking and help them master the art.

Reminisce Over Old Photos

Take a walk down the memory lane and dive into your old family pictures to cherish the wonderful moments spent in the past. You can compile them into a digital photo book or create video clips for your family or friends to enjoy. You can also work on building a family tree, which can make it even more nostalgic and fun.

Discover a New Hobby

The sky's the limit for learning a new activity based on your likes and interests. Activities should form a core part of your everyday routine, and there is an enormous amount that you could do. 

Arts & crafts: Paper quilling, crocheting, adult colouring, mandala art 

Learning: Reading books, downloading books on kindle/iPad, joining a virtual book club Games: Crosswords, jigsaws, puzzles 

Exercises: Yoga, meditation, gardening, kokedamas 

Social distancing doesn't mean isolating yourself from society. It is very important not to feel alone and to stay connected with your loved ones. 

Staying positive and healthy is paramount to one’s overall well-being in these trying times. Keep in mind, we’re all in this together!

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