How to Help Your Parents Learn to Video Chat

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Posted Dec 23rd, 2020 in Health & Wellbeing, Homecare

How to Help Your Parents Learn to Video Chat

As we all are practising social distancing to help curb the growing coronavirus pandemic, it's easy for most of us to hop on to Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, and other platforms to stay in touch with our colleagues, friends and family.

At the same time, older adults who aren't tech-savvy are finding it challenging to use these platforms. The current situation has affected their well-being and can often lead to depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It’s important that we think about how we can support them and prevent them from feeling isolated. 

Since we all are moving into another lockdown this holiday season during all the festivities, it is essential to find a way to bridge that gap to stay in touch with aging family members while keeping everyone safe.

Tips to consider when teaching your parents how to use video chat 

Choose the Right Device

It is essential to make sure your parents have an appropriate device to use for the video chat. A smartphone or tablet that is easy for seniors to use and take with them around their home is best. Also, check if they have a fast, secure internet connection to avoid delays and frustration.

Set up the Program

Walk your parents through how to install the program you want them to use for the video chat. It’s best to make sure you’re proficient with the program yourself first! Be sure to check that the program is compatible with the device that they’re using.

Do a Practise Call

Before doing a family video chat, it's a great idea to do a mock call, which will help them understand how it works and make them more comfortable with the interface. Take it slow and be patient while instructing your parents as it could be their first time learning to video chat. It will help your parents to be at ease and create an enjoyable environment for your calls.

Activity ideas during a video call with your parents to make it more interactive

Music Time

Music sessions over video chat can be a great way to enjoy a jam session with your parents or grandparents. You can also have a different family member play an instrument and add a few dance moves too.

Play a Game

Set a time with your parents and other family members to play a game through video chat. You can try to play classic old board games like monopoly, bingo, or risk over the video chat but playing any card games over the video call may be difficult.

Virtual Dinner

Plan and schedule a time for a virtual dinner party ahead of the call. You can discuss the menu beforehand to be prepared to have a virtual group dinner.


You can set an hour every night with your parents to read a bedtime story to the younger children at home through video chat. Staying away from family during this pandemic has been challenging for many of us. But with the latest technology, such moments can be cherished and shared virtually. 

Using these platforms is a great way to maintain a healthy and active social life. Even when staying at home, seniors can still meet new people and bond over shared interests. They can keep up with loved ones that may live farther away and be a part of all the celebrations during this holiday season. 

Staying safe and healthy amidst a public health crisis requires everyone to work together. Call ActivePro Nursing & Homecare Inc. today to learn more about how our home caregivers in Toronto can support your parents to live safely and have companionship at home.

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