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  • ActivePro Nursing & Homecare Inc.

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  • ActivePro Nursing & Homecare Inc.

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In-Home Care in Niagara, Toronto & The GTA

A Better Care ExperienceIn-Home Care

One-on-one, reliable and compassionate homecare services.

Better Hospital Experiences With Private Duty Assistance

A Better Hospital ExperienceHospital Private Duty

Comfort, quality and peace of mind during their stay.

Facility Staffing in Niagara, Toronto & The GTA

24-Hour Dependability & Quality Facility Staffing

Short term or medium term coverage for your hospital or care facility.

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ActivePro Nursing & Homecare Inc. provides attentive, individualized private nursing and homecare services in Toronto and Niagara.

ActivePro Nursing, Toronto & Niagara Healthcare Staffing

Our staff provide personalized attention and support in the home, or during a stay in a hospital, rehab centre, or long term care.

They make it possible for our clients to live as independently and self-sufficiently as possible, while ensuring that they remain comfortable and safe in their day-to-day routines.

Whether you come to us in need of in-home care or private duty nursing in the hospital, or you're looking for short- or medium-term staffing solutions for your healthcare facility, our compassionate, professional and experienced care staff will provide you with the quality services you need.

Our care services support the best quality of life possible, wherever an individual calls home. Get in touch today.

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ActivePro Nursing & HomeCare Inc., Toronto & Niagara

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Four Lung Problems that Can Cause Chest Pain

Four Lung Problems that Can Cause Chest Pain

Posted Feb 13th, 2019 in Niagara News & Events, Caregiving & Health Tips, Family Caregivers, Challenging Diseases, Home Care Niagara

If your elderly family member is experiencing chest pain that you know isn’t due to heart issues, her lungs could be the source of the trouble. Here are some causes.

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Is Your Senior at Risk for a Heart Attack?

Is Your Senior at Risk for a Heart Attack?

Posted Feb 8th, 2019 in Niagara News & Events, Caregiving & Health Tips, Family Caregivers, Challenging Diseases, Home Care Niagara

As a family caregiver, it is extremely important to recognize individual risks your senior faces so you can help them to improve their health and reduce the chances of suffering a first heart attack or a subsequent attack. 

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