Staying Safe with Safety Aids

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Posted Jun 29th, 2016 in Falls Prevention

Staying Safe with Safety Aids

There are many safety aid products on the market today that can make life easier, more enjoyable and safer. Many are not very expensive, and would make good gifts.


If you use a cane, make sure it is the right height and that the rubber tips are still in good shape. Cane spikes fit over the tip of your cane for extra grip on an icy day. The spikes should be flipped up or taken off your cane when you enter a store or mall, as the spike can slip on floor surfaces.

Comfortable shoes that provide good support can help to prevent falls. Lower heels are easier on your feet and back and are more stable for walking.

Beware: slip-on shoes or backless slippers can cause you to trip.


Ensure that you have a non-slip surface in the tub or shower. Bath mats on the floor beside the tub should have a non-skid backing.

There are many things you can install to help make your senior's bathroom safer. Grab bars or poles installed by the bathtub, shower and toilet can help prevent slips and falls. Hand-held shower heads can make showering easier, especially if you're using a bath seat. Raised toilet seats can make getting on and off the toilet easier.


Large-handled utensils tend to give you a better grip.

Reacher/grabbers are very useful for those who have trouble bending or reaching high places. Many have suction cups, grips or magnets on the ends to ensure a firm grip on the object to be reached.


There are a number of technologies available to help you with vision loss. Vision rehabilitation clinics and a wide range of assistive devices are available across the country in eye care centres, and through the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).


Devices such as hearing aids, telephone amplifiers, and doorbell signalers can help to compensate for loss of hearing. Ask your family doctor about regular hearing tests, or consult qualified hearing health professionals such as the Canadian Hearing Society.

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