4 Simple Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

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Posted Jul 5th, 2019 in Falls Prevention

4 Simple Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors Bathrooms are one of the most common areas where a senior might fall and get injured. They are often small spaces with hard surfaces and sharp edges which can greatly worsen the effect of a fall. Here are 4 simple bathroom safety tips to make life easier for seniors

1.       Clear the path to the bathroom and make sure it’s well-lit day and night
  • Remove clutter or objects along the path
  • Add automatic nightlights or stick-on lights
  • Remove any rugs or floor mats. It’s easy to trip or slip on them.
  • If the bathroom door has a raised threshold (on the floor), get your older adult in the habit of sidestepping over it – that reduces the chance of tripping.

2.       Add grab bars for extra support when sitting and standing

  • Toilet safety frames with arms give seniors a helpful guide and support
  • Floor to ceiling pole grab bars provide support and  can be placed exactly where it’s most helpful, even in awkward spaces
  • Wall-mounted grab bars provide secure support when sitting or standing but requires correct positioning and installation to be effective and safe
3.       Add a raised toilet seat with arms
  • Raised toilet seats with arms reduce the effort and distance to sit and stand
4.       Make cleaning up easier
  • Consider using with moist wipes to for ease, cleanliness, and comfort
  • Toilet aid tools make wiping easier, improve hygiene, and protect delicate skin


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