Caring For a Caregiver

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Posted Feb 22nd, 2023

“Caregivers go through more than they will tell you. They give up a lot and rarely have a social life. They can get sick and emotionally worn out. It's a lot for one person.”

Caregivers have one of the toughest jobs in the world but it is rewarding in so many ways. Caregivers often forget that they deserve care too. Being a loved one of a caregiver it is your job to remind them of that. Here are 3 ways to help care for the caregivers in your life. 

Remind Them of Things That Bring Them Joy

Caregivers work long hours for days on end. Often caregivers give up their favourite hobbies and activities.  They can forget that the simple things that bring them joy exist.

As their loved one you usually know their favourite coffee shops, parks, restaurants and museums. Getting out and having a stress free, enjoyable day can really boost their mood.  

Create a package for them that revolves around one of their hobbies that they have let slip away. For example if the caregiver in your life enjoys reading gift them a new book, fuzzy blanket and mug. This small gesture can give them an escape from their work life that helps comfort them. 

Give Them Someone to Talk to

As a caregiver their days can be challenging. They can deal with unhappy patients, unhappy family members and patient deaths. All of which take a large tole on them. When caregivers don’t have someone to talk to or somewhere to let the pent up feelings out it can really affect their mental health. You may not know exactly what to say, but just being there for them can really help. Sometimes we don’t necessarily need an answer to our emotions, we just need someone to listen. 

Take The Load Off

Caregivers work 8-12 hour days taking care of patients homes and wellbeing. At the end of the day coming home to their own list of chores can be exhausting. If you live with a careworker and can see that they need help in that department lend them a hand. Dishes, laundry and cooking dinner may not seem strenuous. However if they have had a draining day those tasks can feel overwhelming. 

Showing the caregiver in your life that you are there for them is all they can ask for. Small but meaningful gestures can make all the difference in their mental and physical health. Being a caregiver can be a very strenous and often isolating job. Caring for them in their time of need can create shining stars in what seems to be a very dark sky. 

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