Pneumonia in Seniors and Ways to Prevent it

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Posted Dec 26th, 2022

As the colder season arrives, the more illnesses come with it.

The elderly are easily susceptible to colds and flus, which can quickly become pneumonia.
Pneumonia can be long-lasting in elderly patients, hard to get through, and possibly deadly.
Because of the weakened immune systems in elderly people, it is best for you, as their
caregiver, to try and avoid getting sick or reach out to your doctor as soon as you feel any
pneumonia-like symptoms.

Pneumonia symptoms look different in older adults than in younger adults and children.

Some of the symptoms of pneumonia include:

● feeling weak or unsteady, which can increase the risk of falling
● be without a fever or having a body temperature that’s lower than normal
● experiencing confusion or delirium
● having changes in functional status, which is the ability to perform daily activities
● experiencing urinary incontinence
● lacking an appetite
● experiencing a worsening of existing health conditions

Luckily there are ways to avoid getting pneumonia besides staying in your home all winter.

The top 5 ways to prevent getting pneumonia include:

● Getting the pneumococcal vaccine. There are two vaccines available for
individuals over 65. You may be able to receive the vaccine early due to present
health issues and diseases. Ask your doctor which vaccine would be best for you!

● Getting the influenza vaccine each year. Pneumonia can be caused by influenza.
There are high-dose influenza vaccines specially formulated for individuals over 65.

● Washing your hands regularly. Good hand hygiene can prevent many types of
infections that lead to pneumonia.

● Avoiding smoking. Smoking can damage your lungs and make it hard to fight
respiratory infections like pneumonia.

● Making healthy lifestyle choices. Exercise, healthy eating, vitamins, and full nights
of rest help strengthen your immune system. This can help keep pesky colds, flus
and pneumonia away!

Pneumonia is more severe in older individuals and should be taken rather seriously. The
most important things to look for that will require medical attention are; low body
temperature, confusion, and changes in your functional behavior. Call your doctor or visit a
walk-in clinic nearest you if you have one or more of these symptoms.

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