Risk areas that you should know

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Posted Sep 14th, 2020 in Homecare

Risk areas that you should know

It’s important to know which places in your house may be dangerous for you or your loved one. Consider the following risk areas as you make your home more senior-friendly:

Bathrooms: Some bathrooms have tubs that are too high or showers with a sill that are not comfortable or safe to step over.

Kitchens: Tiles can become worn-down or slippery over time making them unsafe to walk on. Older stovetops, ovens and other outdated appliances might not be safe

Stairways: Steep staircases can be both tiring and challenging for older adults as well as creating a high risk of falls.

Area Rugs and Floor Mats: Loose coverings can be a tripping hazard and mats without a non-slip backing increase the risk of serious fall-related injury

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