The Warning Signs of a Stroke You Need to Know

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Posted Aug 10th, 2020 in Dealing With Chronic Illness

No matter the age of yourself or those around you, it’s important to know the warning signs of a stroke. A stroke can happen to anybody at any time, so recognizing the signs and accessing emergency treatment as quickly as possible is critical. Remember the ‘FAST’ acronym every day, not just on World Stroke Day, to help you and your loved ones if a stroke ever occurs.

Warning Signs of a Stroke

The Warning Signs of a Stroke


Is their face drooping at all? Asking them to smile can help determine this.


Are they experiencing any weakness in their arms? Are they able to raise both arms or only one?


Are they having difficulty speaking? Is their speech slurred, jumbled or not making sense?


If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to act. Call 911 immediately for emergency medical treatment.

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