Why choose home care services

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Posted Jul 22nd, 2020

Why choose home care services

Who wouldn’t want to stay in their own home if they could? Many older adults want to keep their independence as long as possible, while those recovering from illness or surgery are happier in their own surroundings. ActivePro Nursing & Homecare Inc. is committed to supporting the best quality of life possible with attentive, individualized care from skilled and compassionate nurses and caregivers. Our clients receive the support they need to enhance their unique lifestyles, while their family members get the peace of mind knowing their loved one is well cared for when they cannot be there.

Consider these reasons why choosing homecare is the right choice for you


Being unfamiliar with the surroundings can add to the challenges. Being comfortable in their own place makes it easier for a person to manage his/her own schedule for bathing, preparing meals, managing medications, etc. Further, your loved one will relax more in his/her home with everything in its place as they are used to, which in turn can often speed up recovery from illness.


Even during normal times, hospitals carry many risks of infection particularly for older adults and as these risk are magnified during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense to avoid hospitals as much as possible. A professional caregiver can give your loved one the care and support they need to enjoy the safety of their own home.


Sometimes, just a little extra help can make all the difference. Aging brings many transitions and can include making the tasks and responsibilities of the home more challenging. Homecare provides a range of service options from as little as a few hours a day up to full time 24/7 care tailored to fit your diverse scheduling and budget needs.

Who can homecare services help?

Many people assume that in-home care is just for older adults but that is not the case. Professional caregivers also support those recovering from injuries or surgery, new mothers or others with disabilities.

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