Signs when you totally need extra help from homecare services

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Posted Jun 4th, 2020 in Caregiver Support

Signs when you totally need extra help from homecare services

Signs that you should look for extra help from home care services. Here are the most common indicators that you might need some extra help for your loved ones.

You’re Losing Sleep

When you are a caregiver for one of your loved ones, you know that no matter how much do you want to help, it can stressful. Lack of good quality sleep is one of the most common side effects of stress which in turn increases stress levels – a vicious cycle! You may also lose or have interrupted sleep as you respond to your loved one’s needs making it more difficult to function at your best when you are overtired.

Your Own Health Is Declining

Stress and tiredness can also weaken the immune system leaving you more susceptible to illness. Caregivers often report getting sick more often or developing other serious health conditions of their own. A burned-out caregiver will be much less beneficial to the patient.

Transmit negative emotions

As a caregiver you can begin to transmit negative emotions to your loved ones, not on purpose, but just because you are tired and losing patience. It can be difficult at times for both of you, so if you find that these feelings don’t go away, looking for some help is your best solution.  

Other responsibilities are suffering

Juggling business, other family or household responsibilities on top of your caregiver role can often lead to things falling behind or even missed altogether which can become a serious problem over time. An extra set of hands will help ensure a more balanced and rewarding life.

No Social life or free time

Sometimes you may feel totally alone when your loved one needs you most of the time. Isolation is a common and serious issue for caregivers and support groups or simply being able to talk with some about the challenges is a huge benefit, but you have to have the time for it. Additional help, even just for a couple of hours gives you the freedom to enjoy some “me time” to recharge mentally, emotionally and physically.

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