Exercise for Older Women

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Posted May 8th, 2020

Exercise for Older Women

As we get older, we start to think that we can’t do any exercise because it can increase some risk to our bodies, but the truth is that lack of physical exercise leads to a loss of strength and stamina and causes many health issues. The important thing is to choose the right exercises for you which can be fun and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Take a look at these low-intensity exercises but first consult with your doctor to see if they are right for you.

Light Walking

Light walking is a great cardio exercise for people all ages because has so many benefits. It helps your heart and also your mental health because an exercise like walking releases endorphins, which can provide some relief from pain.

So, if you can’t run or jog, a brisk walk is an excellent cardio exercise which you can do around your neighbourhood.

Jogging or Running

If you have been running or jogging for some time or are comfortable with increasing the intensity of your workout, keep in mind that these exercises can put pressure on the joints and cause pain which should be avoided.


This is one of the most popular and recommended exercises for older adults because it is low-impact and causes less strain on the body. If you have arthritis, swimming laps helps build endurance, but if you are not able to swim laps, water aerobic classes usually include both cardio and strength exercises which are easy on your body.


Many people think of yoga as a low-intensity exercise, but the truth is that yoga can work as cardio too. Yoga is one of the most popular exercises right now because you can choose from many types to fit your physical needs and abilities.  


This is a great exercise because it helps to increase your balance and stability. Pilates helps to build the body's core strength, while also improving flexibility, which can help relieve tension in your joints and allows for more comfortable movement.  

Always choose an exercise routine appropriate for your age and your physical fitness level. Remember, exercise shouldn’t cause you any pain.

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