Activities to Make Seniors Laugh

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Posted Feb 18th, 2020 in Health & Wellbeing

Activities to Make Seniors Laugh

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, that's why take a look at these ideas to make your loved one spend a good day with you with a lot of laughs and a good time.

Create a Laughing Basket

A great idea will be if you try to use “wicker basket” where your loved one can collect and find pieces paper with humour, paper with jokes and silly toys and noisemakers

Tell Jokes

If you don’t have any idea how to tell jokes, you have these follow tips that will help you:
Tongue Twisters
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Buy a Joke Book for all Occasions
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Share Jokes
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Play Fun Group Games

Another option can be to play some fun games such as:
Weeding Photo Guessing Game
Card games

On Cue Staff Dancing

Another idea can be that every time your loved one hears certain music, he/she need to start to dance. For example, if they hear “The Macarena” they must dance that song.

Sing Happy Music

Music is always a good idea for everyone, so this will be an amazing activity to do with your loved one, you just need to find or ask him/her about their favourite music and start to sing with them, can be as well as karaoke.

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