5 ways to stop judging yourself as a caregiver

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Posted Feb 12th, 2020 in Caregiver Support

5 ways to stop judging yourself as a caregiver
Notice when you’re speaking negatively to yourself

The first step is to train yourself to notice when you are being critical of how you are doing the work as a caregiver.  You may have only said “Ugh! I forgot to buy more of Dad’s oatmeal. I’m so stupid!” but remember that these words will keep reinforcing that you are not doing a good job.

That is absolutely not the truth! Just because you occasionally forget something or are feeling that you don’t have enough patience doesn’t mean that you are a bad caregiver. If this happens, try to remember that you are doing great and stay positive about the work that you are doing.

Distract yourself from negative thought

Once you understand that you are being too critical of yourself it will get easier to identify those negative thoughts. Then, every time that you feel them coming on, focus on something that can calm you, take a few deep breaths (if you need it), think of something you’re grateful for and you will see how you will feel better. Just take a chance!  

Avoid comparing yourself with others

Sometimes we can have a bad habit of comparing ourselves with someone else. That’s why you have to remember that each person is different and each person can make different choices based on his/her circumstances. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself with others. Focus on what you think is best for your loved one, and believe in yourself.

Talk to others in similar situations

Sometimes it’s good to hear of other people's experiences when they have been in a similar situation.  Remember that you’re not alone in this, and each person is doing the best they can under the circumstances. You will quickly learn that there is no single right way to do anything.

Keep a success journal

Make the effort to recognize your success even if you think that are smaller ones, and you will see how it will help you to feel better. Try it! Just keep a note of your wins and you will see how much better you are really doing!  

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