How to protect yourself during flu season

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Posted Jan 24th, 2020 in Health & Wellbeing

How to protect yourself during flu season

Flu (or influenza) season varies from year to year but it can be deadly, and we all need to take steps to minimize the risk to us and our loved ones.  In addition to the recommended flu shot, here are 5 different suggestions that will help during flu season.

Dress Appropriately
One of the most important points is to dress appropriately, especially older adults who need to wear clothes that keep them warm enough. Keeping your body warm means a lower probability of getting flu during the winter season.

Eat Lots of Vegetables
Try to eat some foods that are rich in potassium but consult with your doctor first if you are on a potassium restricted diet. Potassium can be found in carrots, spinach, rapini, and other green vegetables.

Drink Enough Water
Drinking lots of water will always a recommendation for seniors as a good way to prevent the body from flu, because water helps to cleanse out toxic substances in the body.

Wash Your Hands Frequently
It’s important to wash your hands frequently because bacteria left by other people can easily be transmitted by touching infected surfaces. During the cold and flu season, you should wash your hands even more frequently than usual.

Eat Foods That Are Rich in Vitamins
Vitamins help to maintain our body. Eating healthy, vitamin-rich foods will help protect the body against germs and bacteria including the flu virus.

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