How To Get a Great Sleep In Your Senior Years

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Posted Jan 15th, 2020 in Caregiver Support, Health & Wellbeing

How To Get a Great Sleep In Your Senior Years

It is very important for seniors to have great quality sleep, not just enough rest, to ensure well-being during the day. Quality over quantity is most beneficial to the body. Here are some suggestions to promote great quality sleep for you or your loved one.

Sleeping Environment

The right environment is so important because this is the best way to get a great sleep as an older adult. The best advice is to not install any devices such as televisions, laptops or computers that can disrupt the person’s sleep, ideally, you want to keep the bedroom as simple as possible. Check the age and condition of the mattress as older mattresses are usually accompanied by sags, wear and probably filled with bugs. All of these can impact the comfort of a night’s sleep.

What You Eat In The Evening

Another good idea is not to eat too much before bedtime, so a light healthy snack no closer than an hour before bedtime can help you get through the night. Avoid excessive protein and processed sugars which could prevent you from getting a good sleep.

Create & Follow Your Sleeping Schedule

It’s a good idea to create and follow your own sleeping schedule every night because the body and mind will adjust to the schedule making it easier to go to bed.

Day Exercise

Daily exercise is good for everybody, including older adults and can help everyone have a better sleep at night. Some examples of exercise for the elderly can be as simple as: strolling, singing, playing musical instruments, etc. The important thing here for older adults is that daytime exercise is best to promote more quality sleep.

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