7 tips to reduce agitation in people who have dementia

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Posted Jan 2nd, 2020 in Alzheimer's & Other Dementias

7 tips to reduce agitation in people who have dementia

Aggressive behavior or episodes of agitation by a person with dementia are typical responses to surroundings or situations that they can no longer understand or relate to. The disease makes them incapable of explaining their challenge or confusion and they will instead vent their frustrations through these behaviors. As caregivers, we need to find ways to simplify things for them, slow the pace to a level they can handle so there will be less to triggers the behavior. Here are some useful tips that can help your family or friend.

Simplify their chores:  Choose what they will wear and what they will eat but so allow them to have a choice if they make a request

Don’t ask them to do things they can no longer manage: Do not pressure them to remember things, you must accept his/ her condition and understand that they cannot remember.

Don’t rush them: Allow him/her to feel comfortable and give them extra time if they need it.

Don’t crowd them: Don’t overdo with loud noises, too many visitors or any situation that they can feel uncomfortable. Too many activities around them can be uncomfortable.

Don’t treat them like children: Remember that everyone deserves respect no matter the condition of the person. Avoid giving orders all the time, instead give advice

Simplify instructions: Try to keep things simple for them, don’t give to them a lot to think about.

Leave things in familiar places: Routines and consistency are important so that the person has a sense of security


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