5 Steps to Preventing Falls

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Posted Dec 4th, 2019

5 Steps to Preventing Falls

Falls are the primary cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors. Here you can find 5 tips which will help to maintain a safe lifestyle for you or your loved ones.

1. Enlist the person’s support in taking simple steps to stay safe.
It's very important to always ask your loved ones if they understand the risks associated with falls because maybe they just think it isn’t too serious or maybe they believe it not going to happen to them. Encourage them to discuss any dizziness or balance issues with their doctor.
2. Discuss their current health conditions.
Always try to know if your loved ones are okay with their health, if they remember to take his/her medications or if they experience any new side effects? Pay attention to the small details about changes in his/her lifestyle routine.
3. Ask about their last eye checkup.
Even if the person doesn’t have glasses, they should have a regular check-up for eye disease or other vision changes.
4. Notice if they’re holding onto walls, furniture, or someone else when walking or if they appear to have difficulty walking or arising from a chair.
These could be signs of that they are getting weaker or less secure on their feet and are at higher risk of falls.
5. Do a walk-through safety assessment of their home.
You can get professional guidance from an Occupational Therapist but here are some simple ways to help make a home safer for you or for your loved ones.
•Lighting: Maintain the lighting throughout the house, especially if you have stairs and remember to have a lamp close by during the night.
•Stairs: Make sure there are secure rails on all your stairs.
•Bathrooms: Install grab bars near to the toilet and in the shower, the idea is to make them feel safe while they are using their bathroom.


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