25 Activities for Dementia Care

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Posted Oct 31st, 2019 in Alzheimer's & Other Dementias

25 Activities for Dementia Care

It’s very important to remember that engaging frequently with words and small gestures can provide immense comfort to your loved ones who have dementia. Here are a few ideas for short activities 'in-between' programmed activities.

1.      Greet the person by name and make eye contact

2.     Try on a couple of hats in front of a mirror with the person

3.     Tell the person she/he looks 'Beautiful!' today

4.     Show the person vivid colors in a garment/magazine and talk about it

5.     Hold hands and step outdoors for some fresh air

6.     Pick flowers in the garden together

7.     Help the person to try on a new shade of lipstick

8.     Give the person an impromptu shoulder massage

9.     Play a quick game of ball catch

10.   Evoke memories: e.g. "Tell more about your grandmother's farm!"

11.   Tease: "I saw your boyfriend/girlfriend today!"

12.   Tell the person you love her/him

13.   Give spontaneous bear hugs

14.   Try a new scented hand lotion on the person

15.   If the background music is good, take the person for a dance

16.   Blow bubbles together

17.   Look at a landscape or animal calendar together

18.   Ask for help: sorting books on a shelf, hanging clothes out to dry

19.   Water plants together

20.   Listen to the sound of a large shell

21.   Wrap herbs/spices individually in fabric and ask the person to identify the smell

22.   Comb, french braid or curl the person's hair

23.   Read a few funny limericks

24.   Remind the person about fruit and vegetables in season

25.   Sing a Nursery Rhyme together


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