8 Essential Senior Foot Care Tips for Improved Health

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Posted Sep 20th, 2019 in Health & Wellbeing

8 Essential Senior Foot Care Tips for Improved Health

As we get older, aging feet become more delicate and need extra care. These suggestions will help keep your feet healthy. 

Keep feet clean
Make foot care a regular habit even if your loved one normally only showers two or three times a week, Just simple wipedowns with warm water, soap, or washcloth will do the trick. A nightly routine can also help the person feel more relaxed before sleeping. 

Moisturize feet
It’s vital to use foot lotions to keep your skin soft and supple. Dry skin is more prone to cracking, flaking and breaking and nobody wants that this happens for one of our loved ones. Add foot lotion to the routine and you will see the difference very quickly. 

Trim nails
Sometimes trimming nails can be difficult for older adults, so you can try to find local nail care clinics. If your loved one has dementia and resists or fears to trimming their nails, you can try to make it into a spa-like experience by massaging their feet or putting on their favorite TV shows or movie before trimming their nails. The best technique is to create a good environment where the person feels comfortable and happy.
Monitor sores
Some older adults who spend most of their time in bed or a chair continuously resting their feet on a surface pillow or footstool throughout the day risk bedsores. You can prevent this from happening to your loved ones by “floating the heels” - propping the ankles up so that the feet rest suspended in the air without touching anything.

Get properly fitting footwear
A very common occurrence with seniors is that they don’t use properly sized shoes which can cause blisters and other foot ailments. Have their feet measured and sized by a specialist next time you are shoe shopping. 

Get medical attention when needed
Bunions, hammertoes, discolored toenails, corns, and calluses may seem inoffensive, but they could be an indicator of other more serious problems or infections. Get an evaluation from a podiatrist to prevent any harmful developments.  
Address pain
If your loved ones don't feel comfortable with their feet or show some symptoms like pain, numbness, stiffness or inflammation, you have to get a doctor or podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent any medical complications in their future.

Promote circulation
Poor circulation can contribute to dangerous development like blood clots. You can improve this with foot massages, elevating the lower legs and asking your doctor for some new advice to improve the circulation for your loved ones.


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