7 Ways To Prevent A Fall

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Posted Aug 14th, 2019 in Falls Prevention

7 Ways To Prevent A Fall

Seniors who experience a fall are significantly more likely to sustain injury, are less able to recover fully, and are at increased risk of loss of independence than a younger population. The good news is that there are a number of simple steps you can take in and around your home to help prevent falls and the injuries caused by falling. Here you can take a look at these 7 tips to prevent a fall.

1.       Eat Healthy Meals

 Do not skip meals. It can make you weak and dizzy, which will increase your risk of falling.

2.       Clear Up Clutter

Keep a clear path between rooms, items around the house can become tripping hazards.

3.       Use Assistive Devices

If you have a walker, cane or other assistive device available to you, make sure to use it at all the times. Also, confirm that the device is the right size for you.

4.       Take Medications On Time

It is easier to avoid side effects like dizziness if all medications are taken at their prescribed times.

5.       Keep All Areas Well Lit

The better lit the room; the less likely it is for someone to trip on something avoidable.

6.       No Slip Supplies

Make sure that all footwear has anti-skid soles, and rugs are non-slip or secured with double – sided tape. Use a rubber bath mat for the tub and shower.

7.       Keep Fit

Stay active. Do what you can to maintain your flexibility, balance and strength


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