5 Types of Water Exercises Seniors

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Posted Aug 7th, 2019 in Caregiver Support

5 Types of Water Exercises Seniors

Some exercises programmes can be difficult for you or maybe you just find it harder to stay motivated. Water exercises can give you or your loved ones different tactics to stay active and healthy as you age. Here are some options that are fun to try but remember always check first with your doctor to ensure they are suitable for you.


Swimming is always a good option to keep your body active and have a good workout every time. Vary your swimming strokes for a different workout each time.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics classes help to learn lots of different moves that you can do in the water. They are very popular as they maintain a solid workout, and keep you from getting bored with this sport.

Water Walking

This exercise is a good workout because walking in the water gives more resistance than doing so on land.

 Aquatic Strength Training

Many people don’t know that when you do the same workouts in the water that you do on land, you get extra benefits because there is more resistance. So, try using your water weights for your strength training routine in the water.

Aquatic Balance Exercises

Balance exercises are always good options because you have the opportunity to try some different classes such as, tai chi, Pilates or yoga. The best part is that you can do all these classes in the water which can help you with your balance and you don’t have to worry about risking a fall during this water classes.


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