8 tips to make mealtimes easier for seniors with dementia

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Posted Jul 11th, 2019 in Alzheimer's & Other Dementias, Nutrition

8 tips to make mealtimes easier for seniors with dementia

1.    Limit Distractions

Create a calm, quiet and comforting environment to avoid any kind of distractions such as television, radio, etc.

2.    Keep the table setting simple

Keep table settings simple. Remove unnecessary distractions such as salt, pepper, condiments, and napkin holders. Just include essential items so there is no extra confusion.

3.    Distinguish food from the plate

Dementia can make it difficult to see the difference between food and the plate, or the plate and the table. It can help to use plates or bowls with a contrasting colour, such as white plate on green table cloth to help make it easier to see.

4.    Check the food temperature

Someone who has dementia might find it difficult to tell if the food is too hot to eat or drink, for that reason always test the temperature first to avoid any kind of problem.

5.    Be flexible to food preferences

Keep in mind what were your loved one’s favourite foods but also remember that sometimes they might reject what they liked in the past.

6.    Give the person plenty of time to eat

It’s important to allow enough time for the meal, remember that it can take a long time for them to finish eating.

7.    Eat together

It is a good idea to eat with the person who has dementia so that they have company and feel they are in a good environment

8.    Keep in mind the person may not remember when or if he or she ate.

If the person doesn’t remember they have eaten, you can try to give him/her several small snacks.


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