Unique Places to Take Your Dad for Socialization

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Posted Jun 19th, 2019 in Caregiver Support

Unique Places to Take Your Dad for Socialization

After retirement, it's common for people to lose touch. Some older adults move to warmer climates or to be closer to grandchildren. Others find it hard to remain social when they have limited entertainment funds or no longer drive.

You need to make sure your dad remains social. Loneliness affects mental and physical health. Studies find it can take years off your dad's life. Here are some unique places where he can be social.

Interest Groups

Sites like Meet Up have listings of area groups that meet regularly to explore a shared interest. For example, a group in Toronto meets up regularly to explore the city's culture and arts attractions together.

There are groups for the 50+ crowd who want to get enough exercise, groups that meet up and go to the theater together, and Baby Boomer music gatherings for music lovers. Search by city and by interest to find groups that appeal to your dad.

Paint and Sip Events

Look at listings for events near your dad. Paint and sips have grown in popularity and are a great way for all ages to socialize. While enjoying a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, a soft drink, or a pint of beer, an art instructor leads a group into creating a painting using step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.

Orienteering Groups

Many communities have orienteering clubs that are open to any interested party. Your dad can find a group near him and show up for the gatherings. He'll join a group on orienteering adventures where you hunt for the locations using compasses. It's a good way for your dad to exercise, too.


There are volunteer opportunities that can get your dad out of the house and into the community. Pick the ones that would appeal to him. If he loves artwork, you could look for volunteering opportunities at local art museums. If he loves history, volunteering at a historic village museum is a great idea.

Play Games

Board game cafes are popping up in cities and towns. They're usually set up to offer beverages and light snacks. You pay a small admission fee and sit down for as long as you want to play board games with others.

Schedule Elderly Care Services

One of the best ways to make sure your dad remains social is by scheduling companionship services with an elderly care agency. A caregiver will come on the schedule you choose and spend time with your dad.

That caregiver can do some housework, cook meals, or simply be there to talk to your dad and keep him engaged. To set up companionship services, talk to our elderly care representative.

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