Check Your Parents' Home for These Six Warning Signs

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Posted May 29th, 2019 in Caregiver Support, Health & Wellbeing

Check Your Parents' Home for These Six Warning Signs

How do you know when your parents can no longer manage aging at home without help? You may see little changes with their attention to personal care or financial management.

You can also look at their house for these six issues.

Clutter is Taking Over

Walking through your parents' home, there are piles of old magazines and newspapers. When you mention recycling them, your parents get very upset and say it's important to keep them. You can't figure out why. They're not reading them. They have no explanation other than they don't want to part with them.

Home Repairs Are Being Ignored

There are water stains all over the ceiling. Your parents say it's no big deal. You check the roof and find missing shingles. There is siding falling off. Steps from the deck to the backyard are showing signs of rot. Your parents aren't overly concerned with any of it and dismiss your concerns.

Kitchen Cupboards Are Packed With Pantry Pests

You're cooking dinner and find the flour container is filled with insects. You notice there are pantry pests all over the cupboards. You also find mouse droppings. On closer inspection, you find foods that are years old and know your parents have eaten those items lately.

The Refrigerator Smells and No One Takes Care of It

Your parents' refrigerator smells and after several weeks, they're still not doing anything. You open the fridge and find lots of moldy or outdated foods. Your parents dismiss your concerns. They don't see a problem and don't want you to clean anything. They get angry if you try.

Surfaces Are Unsanitary

When you're in the bathroom or kitchen, you notice that the counters, tub, and toilet surfaces are all dirty. You might see a lot of mold and mildew on walls and ceilings. The floor is covered in hair, dust, and dirt. It doesn't look like they've cleaned in years.

The Yard Hasn't Been Taken Care Of

You're two months into the summer and stop by to visit. Your parents haven't mowed the lawn at all. The dog is covered in ticks from walking through the tall grass. Your parents say they just don't have the energy to mow and don't want to hire a stranger to mow it for them.

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