Answer These 5 Questions to Determine if Homecare is Needed

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Posted Apr 24th, 2019 in Homecare

Answer These 5 Questions to Determine if Homecare is Needed

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when an elderly parent needs help at home. However, having a homecare provider could allow them to live a better quality of life and remain independently at home for longer. If you’re uncertain whether your parent needs help, getting the answers to the five questions below can help you decide if homecare is needed.

#1: Are There Unpaid Bills and Notices of Late Payments Lying Around?

Not paying bills can be a sign of cognitive problems. The older adult may be forgetting to pay bills because of memory issues. Or, cognitive problems may be affecting their ability to do tasks that require multiple steps.

#2: Is the House Dirtier than Usual?

If your parent has always kept their house clean and tidy, but things seem to have changed, it can be an indicator that they are having trouble with completing normal household tasks. They may lack the strength to lug the vacuum out of the closet. They could have joint pain that makes the bending and stretching involved in cleaning uncomfortable.

#3: Does Your Parent Look Dirty or Have Body Odor?

A lack of personal hygiene can indicate an illness, mobility problems, or a cognitive issue. If your parent is ill, they may not feel up to showering or washing and changing clothes. Mobility problems can make it hard to get in and out of the bathtub and dress. Cognitive issues may make them forget the need for cleanliness or how to accomplish such tasks.

#4: Are There Scratches or Dents on the Car?

If you notice small dents and scratches on your parent’s car that weren’t there before, it could be a sign that they are having difficulty driving and may be unsafe. Their joints may hurt, making it hard to step on the pedals quickly or turn their necks to see to the side or behind them. They may also be having vision problems. Look for scratches and dents on fences near the driveway and the garage door as these could indicate an inability to judge distance when driving.

#5: Are the Cupboards and Refrigerator Empty?

Older adults may have trouble getting to the grocery store. They may be afraid to drive or lack the strength to carry grocery bags. They might also not want to cook for themselves or be unable. Not having food in the house could mean that they are relying on fast food or convenient foods that aren’t as healthy.

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