Six Steps to a Respite Plan that Works

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Posted Apr 17th, 2019 in Caregiver Support

Six Steps to a Respite Plan that Works

If you don’t already have a plan for respite time, you probably aren’t taking respite time, either. With a plan, you’ve got the opportunity to set yourself up for success when it comes to actually having time away.

Know What the Situation Needs

Do you need a set time off every week or do you just need some time to decompress when you need it? Do you need help with specific tasks or just companionship for your senior while you’re gone? These questions and more help you drill down to what you need most from respite.

Who Can Help?

You might have family members or friends who can help. Start making a list of who they are and what they can do. If anyone has asked you what they could do to help, this is when you’re going to put that question to the test for them.

Get to Asking for Help

Explain to the people on your list what you need and what the situation is. Figure out what they need from you in order to make the decision about helping. Encourage them to ask you anything they don’t understand so that you can educate them as much as possible.

Let Them Think about It While You Gather Other Options

Then let them think about it and get back to you. But you’re not going to sit on your laurels while that happens. Hiring senior care providers gives you experienced assistance and it fills the gaps in what other people aren’t helping with just yet. Senior care providers may end up being your only respite help, and that’s okay, too. The key here is that you’re not just waiting around for an answer still needing help.

Set up a Calendar

In the meantime, set up a calendar that you can share with friends and family. Mark out the times when you still need respite help and give people an opportunity to sign up. If they’re not able to help, make sure you’ve got a backup plan in the form of senior care providers.

Follow Your Plan

Once you’ve committed to taking respite time, stick with it. You and your senior both are going to benefit immensely from you having time away when you need it. So it’s crucial to take the time to set your respite plan up carefully and then follow it.

Respite is an essential part of caregiving, so this isn’t something you should skip. The better your plan is, the more effective your time away will be, too.

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