Hiring Home Health Care Providers in Toronto for Post-Surgery Recovery

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Posted Mar 14th, 2019 in Caregiver Support, Homecare

Hiring Home Health Care Providers in Toronto for Post-Surgery Recovery

Preparing for surgery is quite common for many aging adults and their families. In fact, seniors often have several surgeries due to injuries, diseases and age-related health issues. These surgeries can be quite routine, such as for cataracts, or more serious, such as replacing a hip. Regardless of what is causing the surgery, most elderly adults are going to need help when it comes time to recover at home. Family caregivers that want to make sure their aging relative is cared for completely often hire home health care providers for post-surgery recovery.

Why is Post-Surgery Help Needed?

After surgery, there are many daily tasks that elderly adults won’t be able to take care of on their own. They are part of getting through each day safely and with a focus on health and wellness. However, in a post-surgery state, many elderly adults simply cannot do these tasks on their won with hurting themselves or risking their health.

Common daily tasks that seniors will likely need help with include getting in and out of bed, showering or bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals and snacks, remembering medications, managing laundry and cleaning the house. Unless family caregivers can be with their aging loved one for all their post-surgery recovery, they should get serious about hiring a home health care provider.

How Home Health Care Providers in Toronto Can Help Seniors Recovering from Surgery

The recovery time for surgery can range from a few weeks to several months. In some extreme cases, recovery may take up to a year or they may never fully regain their independence. Because elderly adults heal more slowly from surgeries due to age, in many cases they should be able to resume some of their daily responsibilities as time goes on. In the meantime, they have the home health care provider to rely on.

For many families, hiring a home health care provider is among the best things they can do to prepare for their aging relative’s post-surgery care. Depending on the cause of the surgery, the aging adult will definitely be out of commission for the first several days. They will be dealing with pain, the after-effects of anesthesia and perhaps fear and worry about their health. Home health care providers can be a calm, effective and reassuring presence that allows seniors to rest, relax and focus on healing.

While there’s no way to know what an elderly relative’s recovery journey will entail, it’s certain that they will need some help during that time. Family caregivers can provide a lot of support when they are able, but for the day-to-day post-surgical recovery needs, home health care providers can do the job.

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