Can Home Care Services Make a Difference Early in Parkinson's Disease?

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Posted Nov 9th, 2018 in Caregiver Support, Homecare

Can Home Care Services Make a Difference Early in Parkinson's Disease?

When you first hear that you're aging loved one is suffering from a severe medical condition such as Parkinson's disease, you will need to make a variety of decisions. One of the most meaningful and impactful can be whether to begin home care services for them.

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease, which means your senior will move through a variety of stages with increasingly more difficult challenges and symptoms. There will be a stage at which they will require care and assistance 24 hours a day, and you will need help fulfilling all of these needs. While it may be obvious you will introduce an in-home senior care services provider into your parent's care routine at this later stage of the disease, it may be important for you to consider starting it even earlier. Bringing home care into your parent's life at the beginning of their progression of Parkinson's disease, can make a tremendous difference in their health, well-being, and quality of life, and also your life as their family caregiver.

Some of the ways that home care services can make a difference early in the progression of Parkinson's disease include:

  • Giving your parent the opportunity to be closely involved in the process of selecting a care provider, and establishing a routine and schedule with that provider. This lets them get more at ease with the idea of care, and enables them to create a relationship with that care provider for a more comfortable and cooperative relationship. 

  • Helping your parent to see that they can still enjoy an active, engaged, and satisfying way of life even as they deal with the challenges of PD. The customized services of this care provider are specifically tailored to helping them meet their needs while also promoting independence, activity, and quality of life. 

  • Creating a safer lifestyle by offering support and assistance for challenges and symptoms that can change quickly. This can include physical support as well as assistance with tasks throughout the home.

  • Establishing a sense of security and confidence as they look ahead into the progression. There is no way to predict how quickly your parent will progress through the disease. This can leave your parent feeling anxious and uncomfortable, and even afraid of staying active or engaging in their life. Having a care provider means they know they will have adaptable customized care ready to continue meeting their needs even as they change and increase. 

Regardless of when you start home care services for your aging parent, this decision can be one of the most meaningful and beneficial you can make for your aging parent. Integrating the customized services of an in-home senior care services provider into your care routine with your aging loved one is a fantastic way to encourage them to maintain the highest quality of life, and also preserve their independence during their later years.

These services allow them to manage the challenges and symptoms they face as a result of their Parkinson's disease as well as other difficulties, but also supports pursuing activity, engagement, and a satisfying lifestyle. These services are tailored specifically to your aging parent according to both their needs, and to them as an individual. This means their personality, preferences, beliefs, and goals are all kept in consideration when planning their care approach. As their family caregiver, knowing your senior has access to this care eases your stress, and can help you to maintain better health and well-being for yourself throughout your caregiver experience.

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