Four Ways to Challenge Yourself to Eat Better

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Posted Oct 5th, 2018 in Nutrition

Four Ways to Challenge Yourself to Eat Better

When you find a way to eat just a little bit healthier more regularly, your life as a caregiver will improve more than you think. The food you eat keeps you going, especially when your life is challenging.

Choose Some Macros and Track Them

Macronutrients, also called macros, are the parts of the food that you eat which give you energy. They are where the calories in your food come from. You need macronutrients in order to survive. Protein, fat, and carbohydrates are the macros you're likely to track. Different people feel better and do better with certain macro percentages. Some people thrive on lots of carbohydrates while other people feel sluggish when they eat a lot of carbs. Look for a percentage that feels good for you and then use a food tracker app to help you hit those percentages.

Aim for a Percentage of Healthy Meals

If tracking macros is a bit too labor-intensive, you might try instead to aim for a percentage of the meals you eat daily to be made up of "healthy" choices. This gives you some leeway throughout the day without counting and tracking so much. For instance, you might aim for lots of fruits and vegetables during the day, but still have a brownie as an afternoon snack. You can still enjoy foods you love, knowing you're eating healthier in general.

Tweak One Ingredient in Every Recipe

You might also want to try tweaking just an ingredient or two in your favorite recipes. This can help you to enjoy foods that you know you love but with a little bit of a healthier twist. For instance, instead of fatty versions of ground beef, choose a version at the store that has lower fat content or even go with ground chicken or turkey. Leaner proteins can be a better idea if you're trying to decrease the unhealthy fats in your diet.

Swap out Your Snacks

Snacks are where most people get in trouble, because they're smaller than meals and you might not pay as much attention to what you're eating. Serving sizes definitely matter, but so do the snacks themselves. A handful of crackers is going to be different to your body than an apple, even if they're equally filling. Start keeping healthy snacks on hand, like convenient fruits and vegetables.

As you gradually start to eat healthier foods, you're going to start to feel a difference. What you eat is the fuel that helps your body to run and you need to take in the best fuel possible. Even if you don't like eating healthier foods, these challenges can help you to get more of those foods in your diet and be healthier as a caregiver.

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