Your Mom Fell - Five Things You Need to Do Right Now

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Posted Aug 24th, 2018 in Falls Prevention

Your Mom Fell - Five Things You Need to Do Right Now

Your mom fell. While she seems okay, you're in a panic. Stop and breathe to get the panic under control. Next, go through this checklist of five things you must do after your mom falls.

#1 - Have Her Stay Still

After a fall, your mom needs to stay still. If you saw her fall, it will help. But, you may not have seen the fall though. If she's awake and alert, have her walk you through what happened and what she hit. If she hit her head or is unconscious, call emergency services.

You should have her point out any pain she's feeling. Until you know she doesn't have a neck or back injury, she shouldn't move.

#2 - Help Her Up or Call an Ambulance

If she simply has scuffed skin or feels bruised, you can slowly have her sit and then stand up. If anything hurts more standing up, take her to immediate care for an assessment. If you're concerned there is a more serious injury or broken bone, call the ambulance.

Seniors can be stubborn. She may not want to go to the hospital or immediate care if she is able to stand. If that is the case, you may need to get others to help you get her into the car. Giving her a choice between ambulance or trip in the car may be enough to convince her.

#3 - Find Out What Caused the Fall

Take time to figure out what caused the fall. Was she dizzy? Did she trip? If possible, pinpoint what led to the fall. You can then take measures to prevent a future fall.

#4 - Take Proactive Measures to Prevent Another Fall

If she tripped or slipped in or outside the house, make improvements to prevent another fall. If she fell on the stairs and there was no rail, install one or hire someone who can. If she slipped on a loose rug, remove it or put in rubber backing to keep it from slipping. If she got dizzy, find out if she's eaten or had anything to drink. Could she be dehydrated?

#5 - Talk to Her Doctor

Even if your mom didn't injure herself, you may need to talk to her doctor. To determine this, go back to what led to the fall. If she was dizzy, you should have her see a doctor to rule out high or low blood pressure or blood sugar imbalances. You could also discuss the side effects of her medications. If there's another medication with fewer side effects, it may be worth trying.

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