Helping Older Adults Vote on Election Day

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Posted May 23rd, 2018 in Caregiver Support

Helping Older Adults Vote on Election Day

Updated September 28: We initially wrote this post with the Ontario provincial election in mind, but with another election fast approaching we’ve made some updates!

For the second time in 2018, citizens across Ontario will be able to cast their vote in an election. While older adults are generally more frequent voters than younger people, accessing voting stations can become a challenge. Keep reading for some helpful information to ensure your loved ones can cast their ballots in their local municipal election.

Check Their Voter Information Card

Voter information cards, which contain information about where and when you can vote in your specific area as well as ID requirements, will be mailed to your residence. If a voter information card does not arrive, you can use to find this information online.

Getting to the Polling Station

Where do I go to vote? Check your voter information card! You should also be able to find this information on your municipality’s website. If transportation to the polling station is a challenge, check with local organizations and candidates as many will offer free transportation for those who need it.

Polling stations are often busy places on election day. If you believe long lines or a busy environment could be a challenge for the person you care for, check your municipality’s options for voting at an advanced poll, by proxy, by mail or on the internet.

Accessibility in the Voting Booth

While Elections Ontario provides numerous technologies and accessibility services to help all voters cast their votes in provincial elections, in municipal elections this varies for each municipality. Visit your municipality’s website or contact your local election clerk to learn more about the accessibility plans and procedures for your area.

When Someone Can't Leave Their Home to Vote

If it’s not possible for someone to leave their current home, whether they live in a private residence or long-term care, you can visit your local muncipality’s website or contact the elections clerk to learn about the options available to you locally. Some of these options include appointing a proxy to cast a vote on someone’s behalf, home visits, voting by mail and internet voting. Some long-term care facilities may also offer voting on site.

There are many ways to vote in the 2018 municipal election, so do your research to find what is available in your area and what will work best for your loved one. It’s important to investigate alternate forms of voting as early as possible, as some may have restrictions on when it can occur or additional steps to take in advance of voting.

Voting is an important act, and it’s important to help others in your community cast their votes. Make sure to contact your local election clerk with any more questions you have to help your loved ones vote on election day.

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