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  1. Know How to Identify Pneumonia in the Earliest Stages

    The vaccine for pneumonia is effective, but it's not the only measure your parents should use. One of them is to recognize the signs of pneumonia in ...
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  2. Four Chair Exercises That Work the Whole Body

    Experts say every adult should get 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. You can use this list of chair exercises that are designed to work t...
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  3. Is Chronic Stress Creating Big Problems for You?

    Caregivers are particularly susceptible to stress because they tend to overlook what they’re experiencing in order to focus on their aging family me...
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  4. What Are the Complications of Arrhythmia?

    Arrhythmia happens when there is a problem with the electrical signals that control how the heart beats. It can cause the heart to beat too quickly, t...
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  5. Six Steps to a Respite Plan that Works

    Formulating a respite care plan isn’t difficult. The challenge can be formulating a plan that really works....
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  6. Hiring Home Health Care Providers for Post-Surgery Recovery

    Family caregivers that want to make sure their aging relative is cared for completely often hire home health care providers for post-surgery recovery....
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  7. Four Lung Problems that Can Cause Chest Pain

    If your elderly family member is experiencing chest pain that you know isn’t due to heart issues, her lungs could be the source of the trouble. Here...
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  8. Is Your Senior at Risk for a Heart Attack?

    As a family caregiver, it is extremely important to recognize individual risks your senior faces so you can help them to improve their health and redu...
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  9. Senior-Friendly Pets That Require Little Care

    Companionship and unconditional love are two of the things seniors gain when they bring home a pet. Pets help with emotional health because they reduc...
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  10. How to Discuss Your Parent’s Plans for Aging

    It’s important to discuss your parent’s future in advance so that you can understand what they want and to start planning as a family. This can b...
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  11. Tips for Encouraging a Senior with Dementia to Bathe Regularly

    As a family caregiver, it is extremely important for you to encourage your elderly loved one to stay clean and fresh. This is an important part of phy...
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  12. Does Your Family Member Have Sundowner’s Syndrome?

    Being able to recognize sundowner’s syndrome can help you to know when it’s time to talk to the doctor or make changes to your aging relative’s ...
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  13. Can Home Care Services Make a Difference Early in Parkinson's Disease?

    When you first hear that you're aging loved one is suffering from a severe medical condition such as Parkinson's disease, you will need to make a vari...
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  14. Why You Should Hire a Senior Care Provider

    Hiring a senior care provider is quite appealing for those who need daily assistance but can still live at home. Senior care providers give in-home ca...
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  15. 10 Tips for Healthy Aging

    Are you wondering what you can do to stay healthy as you get older? An increase in age does not have to mean a decline in health. Watch our video and ...
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  16. Caregiver Support Groups in Niagara and 5 Reasons to Join One

    Caregiver support groups can be an important source of support for caregivers, from emotional support and community referrals to simply being around o...
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  17. 4 Myths (and the Real Truth!) About Homecare Services

    Homecare services are not one-size-fits-all; they are as unique and individualized as the wide range of clients we serve. Because home caregivers help...
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  18. What Do You Need to Think about if You're Going to Move Your Senior into Your Home?

    Moving your aging adult into your home can solve quite a few issues for both of you, but you'll still need to think about some aspects before you make...
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