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  1. How Does Spending Time Outside Help Depression?

    It's believed that there are many elderly men and women who suffer from depression. It can be hard to diagnose. Here are some ways to treat it....
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  2. Organization is Important When You Care for a Parent

    Love, patience, and organization are the things family caregivers say really help them with their daily routines. Organization is the thing that you s...
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  3. What You Know About Pneumonia Could Save Your Parent's Life

    If bacteria, fungi, or viruses get into the lungs, it can lead to pneumonia. This is a serious health condition where the infection within the lungs c...
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  4. Protecting Your Own Health While Caring for a Senior with the Flu

    Taking steps to protect your own health while caring for a senior with the flu is vital to guarding your own well-being, and to preventing the spread ...
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  5. Can Home Care Services Make a Difference Early in Parkinson's Disease?

    When you first hear that you're aging loved one is suffering from a severe medical condition such as Parkinson's disease, you will need to make a vari...
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  6. Is the Sun Dangerous for Your Parent's Eyes?

    You know that it is extremely important to protect your aging parent's skin from the intensity of the sun with sunscreen and coverage, but that's not ...
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