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  1. Music Seniors Love: Top Songs from Every Generation

    A great song has all the key elements to instantly put you in a good mood or just to go back to good memories...
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  2. What Are the Complications of Arrhythmia?

    Arrhythmia happens when there is a problem with the electrical signals that control how the heart beats. It can cause the heart to beat too quickly, t...
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  3. What's Important for Your Senior When it Comes to Exercise?

    Living a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for your aging adult, but that's easy to overcome with just a little bit more movement....
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  4. Four Ways to Challenge Yourself to Eat Better

    Eating healthier as a caregiver feels a lot more difficult than it has to be. You can make it more fun by picking a challenge. Here are some ideas....
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  5. World Alzheimer's Day: A Snapshot of Dementia in Canada

    Every year, September 21 marks World Alzheimer’s Day to raise awareness about the disease and the stigma that can come with it. Did you know that th...
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  6. Quotes for Dementia Caregivers In Need of Inspiration

    If you're a family member providing dementia care for a loved one, you know what challenges it can involve. For all of the difficult moments, here are...
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  7. 4 Myths (and the Real Truth!) About Homecare Services

    Homecare services are not one-size-fits-all; they are as unique and individualized as the wide range of clients we serve. Because home caregivers help...
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  8. How To Choose Homecare

    If you or someone you know is recovering from surgery, requires additional support to remain safely at home as they age or needs ongoing care for a ch...
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  9. Overcoming Resistance to Home Care

    Change is difficult for most of us and it’s not easy for seniors to admit they may benefit from a little help. It’s not a criticism; it’s simply...
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  10. Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Help At Home

    You’ve been noticing the changes for a while now... the laundry is piling up, their appearance isn’t as fresh as it used to be and papers are stre...
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