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  1. 8 tips to make mealtimes easier for seniors with dementia

    It's important to recognize that dementia patients sometimes lose interest in eating. Here you can find some tips to make mealtimes easier for them....
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  2. Unique Places to Take Your Dad for Socialization

    You need to make sure your dad remains social. Loneliness affects mental and physical health. Here are some unique places where he can be social....
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  3. How Does Spending Time Outside Help Depression?

    It's believed that there are many elderly men and women who suffer from depression. It can be hard to diagnose. Here are some ways to treat it....
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  4. What Do You Need to Know about High Blood Pressure?

    The more that you understand about high blood pressure as a caregiver the more you can do for your aging family member....
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  5. Answer These 5 Questions to Determine if Homecare is Needed

    Sometimes it can be hard to tell when an elderly parent needs help at home. However, having a homecare provider could allow them to live a better qual...
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  6. Help! My Elderly Relative Has Anxiety

    If an elderly loved one is dealing with anxiety, family caregivers need to arrange for the help they need to handle it. Here are some tips....
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  7. Can Seniors Develop Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    If your elderly loved one seems to go through some big mood changes and deeper sadness from late fall to early spring, they may be struggling with Sea...
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  8. Why is my Elderly Relative with Dementia Always Wandering?

    Before and during wandering, elders with dementia are usually worried, anxious, frustrated or bored. Family caregivers and elder care providers can wo...
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  9. Making Better Decisions as a Caregiver for your Elderly Loved One

    Many caregivers get upset with themselves about making bad decisions. Beating yourself up doesn't work, but you can learn to make better decisions....
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