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  1. Know How to Identify Pneumonia in the Earliest Stages

    The vaccine for pneumonia is effective, but it's not the only measure your parents should use. One of them is to recognize the signs of pneumonia in ...
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  2. What Do You Need to Know about High Blood Pressure?

    The more that you understand about high blood pressure as a caregiver the more you can do for your aging family member....
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  3. What Are the Complications of Arrhythmia?

    Arrhythmia happens when there is a problem with the electrical signals that control how the heart beats. It can cause the heart to beat too quickly, t...
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  4. 5 Symptoms of Melanoma in Elderly Adults

    Family caregivers and elderly care providers need to assist the aging adult in doing mole checks several times per year to identify any suspicious-loo...
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  5. Four Lung Problems that Can Cause Chest Pain

    If your elderly family member is experiencing chest pain that you know isn’t due to heart issues, her lungs could be the source of the trouble. Here...
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  6. Is Your Senior at Risk for a Heart Attack?

    As a family caregiver, it is extremely important to recognize individual risks your senior faces so you can help them to improve their health and redu...
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  7. What You Know About Pneumonia Could Save Your Parent's Life

    If bacteria, fungi, or viruses get into the lungs, it can lead to pneumonia. This is a serious health condition where the infection within the lungs c...
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  8. Successful Treatment of GERD in Aging Relatives

    There are serious health issues associated with the digestive system that require a doctor’s diagnosis so that treatment can begin as soon as possib...
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  9. 4 Common Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis 

    Home Care - Being able to recognize the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in your aging relative could help reach a diagnosis sooner, which means they ca...
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