Signs your loved one might need extra help at home

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Posted Jun 12th, 2020 in Homecare

Signs your loved one might need extra help at home

Sometimes your loved one doesn’t want to accept that they need extra help at home because they are afraid of losing their independence. At ActivePro Nursing & Homecare we encourage the person to see a little extra help as being a way to maintain independence for as long as possible, not taking it away. It doesn’t have to be much to start with but that support could make all the difference in the world!  

Here are some important signs that someone you know might need some extra help at home.

Changes in Physical Function and Mental Status
  • Struggles to keep track of time
  • Sleeping a lot more during the day
  • Poor diet or weight loss
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities
  • Changes in mood or extreme mood swings
  • Trouble with walking, balance, and mobility
  • Unexplained bruising or injuries
  • Uncertainty and confusion when performing once-familiar tasks
  • Memory issues, not remembering to take some medications or taking incorrect dosages
  • Missing important appointments

Less attention to Personal Hygiene
  • Irregular showering or bathing
  • Noticeable smell of urine in the house or from clothing
  • Poor personal care such as uncut nails, clothes are dirty, bad breath, messy hair, etc

Negative Impact at home
  • House is untidy or no regular cleaning
  • Not enough food or expired food being kept
  • Mail piling up in the mailbox including late payment notices
  • Dirty laundry 

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