Ten Requests from A Person with Alzheimer’s

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Posted Dec 16th, 2019

Ten Requests from A Person with Alzheimer’s

Sometimes is difficult for someone who has dementia to communicate with his/her loved ones. Here are 10 requests a person with Alzheimer’s might ask if they could:

1. Please be patient with me

I am the helpless victim of a brain disease

2. Talk to me

Even though I cannot always answer you

3. Be kind to me

Each day of my lie is a desperate struggle

4. Consider my feelings

They are still very much alive within me

5. Treat me with dignity and respect

As I would have gladly treated you

6. Remember my past

For I was once was a healthy vibrant person

7. Remember my present

For I am still living

8.  Remember my future

Though it may seem bleak to you

9. Pray for me

For I am a person who lingers in the mists of time and eternity

10. Love me

And the gifts of love you give will be a blessing forever


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