Sleep Better With These 5 Tips

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Posted Aug 21st, 2019 in Health & Wellbeing

 Sleep Better With These 5 Tips

Sleep problems can get more common as the years go by. Many of the problems are due to anxiety, stress, or certain health issues. Here are a few pieces of advice that might help you to sleep better.

1. Stay away from your electronic devices

One thing for sure is to reduce the use of electronic devices right before going to sleep, because the electromagnetic signals can interrupt your sleep. So try to avoid them to have a relaxed night.

2. Cut down on your caffeine intake

You should take your last caffeine drink of the day no later than 3 pm. Any later than that could disturb your night’s sleep.

3. Choose your snacks

Another tip that can help you to sleep better will be to find a good snack before going to bed because what we eat and how late we consume it also influences our sleep quality. For instance, you can try a banana and a spoon of peanut butter or low-fat yoghurt and fruit that can satisfy your hunger without causing sleep difficulties.

4. Exercising helps

Exercise helps our physical health and also our sleep but your workout should be at least 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep.

5. Get the right mattress

Sometimes our lack of sleep is closely related to the environment where we sleep or having the wrong mattress. You need to feel comfortable in your own bed because it’s the key to improving sleep quality and quantity.

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