5 common myths about arthritis

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Posted Jul 10th, 2019 in Dealing With Chronic Illness, Health & Wellbeing

5 common myths about arthritis

1. Myth: There's only one type of arthritis.

The reality about arthritis is that there are actually over 100 forms of the disease and related diseases. These are the three most common

  • The principal type is osteoarthritis, where the protective cartilage inside the joint breaks down.
  • Second type is rheumatoid arthritis, where the joints and other organs are attacked by the body's own immune system
  • Third type is psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune inflammatory disease in which the immune system attacks the body.

2. Myth: It only affects seniors.

This is the most common myth but in fact, arthritis can affect all ages, including children and teens; it really depends on the specific type of arthritis.

3. Myth: You can't exercise.

For most types of arthritis, that’s not true; exercise is usually a good idea for everyone. Working out can help prevent arthritis from worsening due to excess weight, however it’s important to recognize that some exercises are better than others.

4. Myth: Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis.

This is a real myth, do not believe this! Just be aware that cracking knuckles can cause an injury and a weak grip.

5. Myth: The weather doesn't really affect arthritic joints.

The truth is that the weather can influence the pain caused by arthritis. A study from Tufts University found that “every 10-degree drop in temperature corresponded with an incremental increase in arthritis pain”. As a result, the cold and damp weather can generate increased pain to joints.


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