Which Type Of Meditation Is Right for Me?

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Posted May 21st, 2019 in Medication

Which Type Of Meditation Is Right for Me?

Which Type of Meditation Is Right for Me?

With our busy schedules and demanding lives, we all need to look for ways to relieve stress and help us to relax and perhaps meditation can offer this to you. Take a look at the following popular types of meditation and see if any are right for you. Remember always talk with your doctor about any new suggestion for your welfare.

Mindfulness meditation

This meditation is the most popular technique in the West because you pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You don’t need to judge the thoughts or become involved with them, just take care of any patterns.  The best part is that you can easily practice alone in your home or in any quiet environment in which you can concentrate.

Spiritual meditation

This meditation is very popular and is used when the person seeks to connect with your God or Universe. It can be practiced at home or in a place of worship. Often, the spiritual experience can be enhanced by the use of different essentials oils, such as:
•    Frankincense                         
•    Myrrh
•    Sage
•    Cedar
•    Sandalwood
•    Palo Santo

Focused meditation

This is a different type of meditation because you have to use any of the five senses to focus on something either internal such as your breath or an external object such as a candle flame.  This technique takes a lot of concentration but might be good for people who require additional focus in their lives.

Movement meditation
This practice is a little bit different because it’s an active technique where each movement guides you, allowing the opportunity to do some different activities such as, a walk through the woods, gardening and other forms of motion.

Mantra meditation

This is a common form of meditation. Mantra meditation uses repetition such as a sound, word or phrase to clear your mind. This meditation is very common for people who can easily focus on a word and enjoy repetition.

Transcendental meditation
It is one of the most popular types of meditation and it’s very simple to put in practice. This tactic allows you to choose a personalized mantra or series of words that are unique to you. It is more organized and structured.


Let’s discuss Which type of meditation is right for you?

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